QiumingDr. Qiuming Cheng is the recipient of the 1995 President's Prize. He was selected by a committee comprised of four members from four different countries. Dr. Cheng has made new and significant contributions in the development of fractal-multifractal modeling and applications in the geosciences. Other research interests include applications and software development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), spatial analysis, data integration, and mineral exploration and mineral potential mapping.

Dr. Cheng obtained a B.Sc. in Mathematics (1982) and an M.Sc. in Mathematical Geology (1985) at the Changchun University of Earth Sciences, China. For six years he worked on quantitative assessment and prediction of gold deposits in northern China. In 1994 he received a Ph.D. from the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Ottawa, Canada. He was awarded the 1995 Graduate Studies and Research Prize by the University of Ottawa. He has also recently been nominated by the School of Graduate Studies and Research of the University of Ottawa for the 1996 CAGI/UMI Distinguished Dissertation Award.

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