Margaret Armstrong was born and grew up in Australia. She studied mathematics at the University in Queensland, where she later obtained a diploma in education and degree of master of literary studies. After brief spells as mathematics teacher and university tutor she left her native shores for France, there to gain her doctorate under Georges Matheron at the École des Mines de Paris. She stayed as engineer in the Centre de Géostatistique, where she now leads the research and consulting in the Mining Geostatistics Group and has charge of the postgraduate course in mining and petroleum engineering.

Margaret is well known to the geostatistical community from her contributions to its journals, her participation in its conferences and as assistant editor of Mathematical Geology. She served it generously as general secretary of the Third International Congress, held in Avignon in 1988, and as a member of the organizing committees of later ones. Her aptitude at the blackboard, more often nowadays with the overhead projector, is widely recognized, and she is in demand worldwide for the short courses in which she specializes. Over the years she has taught in South Africa, India, North and South America, Italy, as well as in Australia and France, and for the last 7 years has been visiting lecturer at Imperial College in London.

Basic Linear Geostatistics, Margaret's recent text book, epitomizes her approach to mathematical geology and to life in general--simple, direct and no nonsense. No barber could wield Occam's razor better. This slim volume guides the beginner through the rudiments of geostatistics with the minimum of jargon and mathematical obfuscation to the practical steps in mineral estimation, all with great clarity. 

Margaret, it is with pleasure that we salute you as Griffith prize-winner. But do not rest on those laurels. Long may you continue to educate us, to provoke or chide us with the well turned phrase, and to entertain us with your charm and wit.

Richard Webster
Rothamsted Experimental Station
Harpenden, Herts
Great Britain

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