The Awards Committee, consisting of five members of the Association, seeks nominations, selects recipients, and announces winners of the IAMG Awards. Members of the Awards Committee are ineligible to receive any of the Association's awards while serving on the Committee.

The William Christian Krumbein Medal is the highest award given by the Association and is awarded to senior scientists for career achievement, which includes distinction in application of mathematics or informatics in the earth sciences, service to the IAMG, and support to professions involved in the earth sciences. There is no stipulated preference for fields of application within the earth sciences.

The Felix Chayes Prize for Excellence in Research in Mathematical Petrology is a cash prize endowed in honor of Felix Chayes that is given to recipients of exceptional potential and proven research ability. The prize is given for outstanding contributions to statistical petrology or related applications of mathematics or informatics. 

The John Cedric Griffiths Teaching Award is presented to honor outstanding teaching, especially for teaching that involves application of mathematics or informatics to the Earth's nonrenewable natural resources or to sedimentary geology.

The Andrei Borisovich Vistelius Research Award is presented biannually to one male and one female early-career scientist for promising contributions in research in the fields of mathematical geosciences or geoinformatics. There is no preference for specific areas of application. A recipient should be either (a) 35 years or younger at the end of the calendar year when selected for the award or (b) within seven years of the awarding of his or her highest degree. These time limits can be extended for up to two years to address circumstances which have interrupted the nominee's career (i.e., serious illness, child birth, care giver, etc.).

Each of the four awards is usually presented every other year. A specific award may not be presented to a group or an individual more than once.

The Founders Scholarship shall be presented annually to an outstanding student or post-graduate scientist. This scholarship will be given in honor or memory of individuals who participated in the founding of IAMG in1968 at the 23rd International Geologic Congress in Prague and who subsequently gave significant service to the Association.

Each IAMG journal may select every year the most outstanding paper. Selection of Best Paper is made by a commission appointed by the journal's Editor-in-Chief from members of the journal's editorial board and the Association at large. Each selection commission consists of at least five members. The President serves as non-voting member ex officio of the commission. 



Honorary IAMG Membership

 Individuals who have served the IAMG beyond the call of duty may be offered to become Honorary Life Members  (Bylaws I.1).


Honorary Life Members of IAMG are:

Dan Merriam (2005 - 2017)

Richard Reyment (2008 - 2016)

Danie Krige (2009 - 2013)

Walther Schwarzacher (2010 - 2018)

Zhao Pengda (2011)

Jean Serra (2012) 

John Harbaugh (2013-2019)

Jorgina Ross (2014)

John Tipper (2014)

Frits Agterberg (2017)

Harald Poelchau (2018)


IAMG Certificate of Appreciation

The Certificate of Appreciation recognizes exceptional work on behalf of IAMG that is beyond normal expectations, or outstanding donation to the IAMG of time, skill, or financial resources. It may recognize specific effort by individuals upon completion of major tasks. Examples: Editors, Chairs (and possibly members) of committees or commissions that require unusual amounts of time, organizers of annual IAMG conferences. The Certificate of Appreciation may be awarded to IAMG members or non-members.


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