IAMG has established the Curriculum Qualification Committee (CQC) to develop detailed criteria for accreditation of university graduate curricula which focus on Mathematical Geosciences.

Universities, worldwide, teach Mathematical Geosciences as a necessary part of the geoscientific curriculum. It is planned that universities can apply for an IAMG accreditation certificate in order to ensure the quality and standards of different courses. A list of accredited institutions and information on their specific curricula will be published on the IAMG web site. This information will facilitate the comparison of content and depth of the various curricula, thus supporting the continuing development of programs in Mathematical Geosciences at universities. Students will profit as well when choosing a suitable university; this will further enhance their national and international mobility.

Dr. Julián Ortiz
Department of Mining Engineering
Universidad de Chile
Av. Tupper 2069
Santiago, Chile
Phone: 56-2-987-4585
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Heinz Burger (Germany)


Amilcar de Oliveira Soares (Portugal) 


Michael Ed. Hohn (USA)

Ex officio – President’s Representative (non-voting): Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn



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