During the year 2012 Frits Agterberg, with the help of several members, has worked closely with Eduardo de Mulder, Executive Director of Earth Science Matters (ESM, a continuation of IYPE, International Year of Planet Earth) on new IAMG Outreach activities. This has included the development of a new booth we share with Earth Science Matters and with the International Lithosphere Program. This booth was first on display at the 34th International Geological Congress in Brisbane. During the 34th IGC, Vera Pawlowsky, Qiuming Cheng and Frits Agterberg participated in a Forum on Outreach support to Scientific International Partners of ESM organized by Eduardo de Mulder and chaired by Franz Wolfgang Eder, ESM President. At this Forum Agterberg made a presentation on use of mathematics in the geosciences summarizing suggestions for IAMG Outreach topics received during the past year and taking compositional data analysis and singularity mapping in geochemical exploration as two topics of important new theoretical and practical developments for which most research is being performed by IAMG Members. The theme that mathematically-based geoscience prediction is important was well received by Forum participants including Roland Oberhänsli, the new IUGS President (2012-2016), and Aberra Mogessie, President of the Geological Society of Africa, who would like IAMG involvement with activities by African geo-mathematicians. Eduardo de Mulder is taking our joint booth to the CAG23, the major Geological Conference for Africa with about 500 participants, to be held in Ethiopia, January 2013. Ed will also make a presentation on mathematical geosciences on our behalf.


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