The purpose of the IAMG Student Travel Grant Program is to provide assistance for IAMG student members to attend and give presentations at the IAMG Annual Conference and other conferences sponsored by the IAMG. Individual Travel Grant amounts may vary and shall be set by the Student Affairs Committee for each individual case, considering merit of the applicant’s presentation, and estimated cost from his/her normal location. The total amount for all Travel Grants for each year depends on the availability of funds.


2017 Student Travel Awards
Kost, Samuel (Germany): "Logistic Regression Model Selection Strategy For Prospectivity Modeling With Large Datasets"
Wieczoreck, Björn (Germany): "Comprehensive documentation of a typical EBSD experiment: A database scheme for multiple spatially referenced EBSD data"
Xiong, Yihui (China): "Extraction Of Multivariate Geochemical Anomalies Based On Local Rx Anomaly"
Gunn, Andrew (USA): "The Role Of Diurnal Surface Heating For Dune Migration In White Sands, New Mexico"
Juliani, Cyril (Norway): "Probabilistic Methodologies For Ocean Floor Characterization And Mineral Ressource Estimates"
Agarwal, Aayush (India): "Grey Wolf Optimizer - For Travel Time And Constrained Avo Inversion"
Sajith Vezhapparambu, Veena (Norway): "Change point Analysis of MWD data to detect the broken ground thickness in open pit mining"
Johnson, Brian (United Kingdom): "Masonry block to building scale: Investigating the effectiveness of upscaling spatial characteristics of moisture movement in masonry structures"
Wang, Jian (China): "Exploring Characteristics of geochemical elements and their relationships : a multifractal perspective"
Maturana, Francisco (Australia): "Uncertainty and Geometric Parameters of an Underground  Target: Implications for Mineral Exploration"
Bandyopadhyay, Sujay (India): "Using High-resolution Dem And Swat Model For Surface Water Resource Management In Ajay River Basin, India"


2013 Student Travel Grants ($1,000):

Fabio Orioni – Switzerland
Daojun Zhang – China
Maryam Moghadasi – Canada
Vipin Joseph Markose – India
Julia Ivanova - Russia


2012 Student Travel Grants:

The following students were each awarded a travel grant of US$1000 to attend the 2013 IAMG Annual Meeting in Madrid:

Vipin Joseph Markose (TU Freiberg)
Daojun Zhang (CUG)
Maryam Moghadasi (Univ. of Calgary)
Fabio Oriani (Université de Neuchâtel)


2011 Student Travel Grants:

Sanaz Salati (ITC) $1,000 USD
Selin Erzaybek-Balan (UT Austin) $1,000 USD,


2010 Student Research Grants Award:
Samantha Hayes, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale $1,000
Assessment of potential triggering mechanisms of paleo-landslides on Santa Cruz Island, California


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