The Meetings Committee centralizes the internal and external coordination and oversight of scientific meetings, both those organized by IAMG and the ones held by others in which the Association has the limited responsibility of organizing a few sessions. The committee will coordinate and oversee activities rather than assume responsibility for their organization. This  does not imply any change in the constitution or duties of the groups responsible for organizing the meetings.

The Committee shall have up to five voting members. They will be elected as provided in Statute 4 and By-law 7. The Vice-president in charge of organizing the ISI sessions will be the ex officio member representing the President, and the IGC Councilor shall automatically serve as one of the voting members while serving in the Council in such capacity.



Guidelines to organize IAMG Conferences


Committee members: 

Helmut Schaeben (Germany)  Chair 
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Regina van den Boogaart, Germany
Ricardo Olea, USA
Vera Pawlowsky Glahn, Spain
David Collins (ex officio). USA
Hari Shankar Pandalai (IGC Councilor), India


last updated  2017-02-01



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