Current Distinguished Lecturer

2021 IAMG Distinguished Lecturer

 Jaime Gómez-Hernández

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Jaime Gómez-Hernández, the 2021 Distinguished Lecturer still believes that he could travel to deliver his lecture in person during the last quarter of the year. Interested institutions should get in touch with him to organize his visit. The following three talks are offered, all of them oriented to the larger public.

My name is Filter, Kalman Filter
In this talk, Jaime will introduce the Kalman filter and how it has evolved into the ensemble Kalman filter and its variants. From the original work by Kalman to the Extended Kalman filter to the Ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) and beyond. He will comment on the similarities with cokriging, and will demonstrate the application of the EnKF for parameter identification in hydrology.

Inverse modeling in hydrogeology
A review of methods and practices for inverse modeling in hydrogeology. Jaime will start introducing the problem and will present a journey of how inverse modeling has evolved in hydrogeology in the last forty years.

Who is to blame?
Contaminant source identification whether in an aquifer, a river or a water distribution system is a hard problem to solve. On many occasions, contamination is detected in the system but when, where and how much contaminant was introduced is unknown. Forensic methods have been used for the identification of the source and its parameters. Jaime will make a historical review contaminant source identification in hydrogeology and present some cases from hydrology, hydrogeology and water distribution systems.

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