The purpose of the IAMG Student Travel Grant Program is to provide assistance for IAMG student members to attend and give presentations at the IAMG Annual Conference and other conferences sponsored by the IAMG.

Individual Travel Grant amounts may vary and shall be set by the Student Affairs Committee for each individual case, considering merit of the applicant’s presentation, and estimated cost from his/her normal location. The total amount for all Travel Grants for each year depends on the availability of funds (as described below).

Application Guidelines:

  • An on-line application form is available below.
  • Apply no later than two months before the start of the Conference and after notification of acceptance of contribution (poster or oral presentation, oral presentation encouraged, full paper publication in one of IAMG’s journals encouraged, mentorship offered)
  • An individual student member may apply:
    1. once as pre-doctoral graduate student,
    2. once as PhD student,
  • Requirements:
    1. notification of acceptance for oral/poster presentation
    2. abstract for submitted presentation
    3. applicant must be an IAMG member and currently a student.
    4. If Travel Grant is awarded, the recipient has two months after the end of the Conference to claim the Grant from the IAMG Treasurer (see Recipients’ Commitments, below).
  • For additional questions the applicant should contact the IAMG Student Affairs Committee Chairman, or the IAMG Secretary General (in the future, the Vicepresident for Student Affairs instead of the Secretary General)

Recipients’ Commitments

  • The recipient must attend the conference and deliver the presentation.
  • The recipient must acknowledge IAMG support in his/her presentation and all derived publications.
  • The recipient is responsible for following up with the IAMG Treasurer for Grant disbursement within two months after the end of the Conference and submit to the Treasurer the required receipts and information. To claim the Grant after the conference, the awardee must:
    1. have been approved by the Student Affairs Committee to receive the Student Travel Grant,
    2. have attended the Conference and delivered the presentation,
    3. submit conference registration receipt to the IAMG Treasurer,
    4. if Grant exceeds amount of conference registration, submit travel, lodging, and meal receipts to the IAMG Treasurer,
    5. submit proof of student status to the IAMG Treasurer.

The Treasurer may request additional information (such as bank account number or preferred method of payment) in order to facilitate the transfer of funds.

Internal procedure:

  • The Student Affairs Committee shall convene (by remote conferencing or email) between two months before and one month before the start of the Conference to evaluate Student Travel Grant applications.
  • Prior to convening, the Student Affairs Committee Chair shall refer to the officially approved IAMG budget to obtain the total amount of funds available for Travel Grants for the expected dates of disbursement. In the event that a budget has not yet been officially approved, the Chair shall obtain a statement (written or by email) from the Treasurer and the President, who in consultation with the Council, may decide to approve a Travel Grant amount before the budget is finalized. Any amount approved in this manner must later be included in the official budget.
  • Immediately after convening, the Student Affairs Committee Chair shall:
    1. Inform applicants of acceptance or rejection of applications
    2. Inform accepted applicants of postal address to submit receipts (preferably the Treasurer’s address). All communication of the applicant regarding claiming expenses should then be routed through the Treasurer.
    3. Inform Treasurer of list of accepted applicants and amount approved.
  • The Student Affairs Committee shall ensure that the awardee attends the Conference and delivers the presentation.
  • The IAMG Treasurer shall verify the receipts and distribute Grants immediately after receiving proper receipts.
  • After distributing the Grants, the IAMG Treasurer shall inform the Webmaster the names of the recipients and other information related to the applicants, such as amount received and application details for publication in the IAMG website. These are the individuals who followed the procedure and actually received the Travel Grant.
  • The Student Affairs Committee Chair shall gather records related to Travel Grant applications and submit them to the IAMG Archivist for archiving.