Monograph Series

Studies in Mathematical Geosciences

(formerly “Studies in Mathematical Geology”)

published by Oxford University Press:

“This series of studies in mathematical geology provides contributions from the geomathematical community on topics of special interest in the Earth sciences. As far as possible, each volume in the series will be self-contained and will deal with a specific technique of analysis. For the most part, the results of research will be emphasized. An important part of these studies will be an evaluation of the adequacy and the appropriateness of present geomathematical and geostatistical applications. It is hoped the volumes in this series will become valuable working and research tools in all facets of geology. Each volume will be issued under the auspices of the International Association for Mathematical Geoology”.

Richard B. McCammon
Founding Editor
Studies in Mathematical Geology

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Current Titles

1. Use and Abuse of Statistical Methods in the Earth Sciences, by William B. Size, Ed., 1987 – OUT OF PRINT

2. Oil and Gas Forecasting: Reflections of a Petroleum Geologist, by Lawrence J. Drew, 1990, 264p. – OUT OF PRINT

3.Geostatistical Glossary and Multilingual Dictionary, by Ricardo A. Olea, Ed.,1991, 192 p., – OUT OF PRINT

4. Techniques for Determining Probabilities of Geologic Events and Processes: A Review, by Regina L. Hunter & C. John Mann, Eds., 1992. – OUT OF PRINT

5. Computers in Geology: 25 Years of Progress, by John C. Davis & Ute Christina Herzfeld, Eds., 1993, 316 p. – Contents – IN STOCK

6. Modern Spatiotemporal Geostatistics, by George Christakos (Oxford University Press, 2000, 312 pp., 131 line illus., ISBN 0-19-513895-3) – Contents – IN STOCK (3rd printing)

7. Geostatistical Analysis of Compositional Data, by Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn and Ricardo A. Olea (Oxford University Press, 2004, 181
pp., ISBN 0-19-517166-7) – Contents – IN STOCK

8. Statistical Methods for Estimating Petroleum Resources by
P.J. Lee (Oxford University Press, Dec. 2007,
208 pages, 
ISBN10 0195331907) – Contents – IN STOCK

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