Mathematical Geosciences publishes original, high-quality, interdisciplinary papers in geomathematics and related data science, including: Mathematical models, algorithms and computational frameworks, their implementation aspects, and real-life applications. The journal encourages publications emphasizing new developments, concepts and tools in big data and their analytics, processing, integration and assimilation, computational intelligence, machine learning and data-driven modelling, for studies of the Earth, its natural resources and the environment. Publication of method’s code and datasets demonstrating their application are welcome and available as online supplementary material. This international publication is the official journal of the IAMG. Mathematical Geosciences is an essential reference for researchers and practitioners of geomathematics, related models, algorithms and computing, who develop and apply data science methods and quantitative models to earth science and geo-engineering problems.

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Computers & Geosciences publishes high impact, original research at the interface between Computer Sciences and Geosciences. Publications should apply modern computer science paradigms, whether computational or informatics-based, to address problems in the geosciences. The journal requires the submission of open source codes with reproducible examples to illustrate the innovative computational methods and algorithms presented in the papers. Computational/informatics elements may include: computational methods; algorithms; data models; database retrieval; information retrieval; near and remote sensing data analysis; data processing; artificial intelligence; computer graphics; computer visualization; programming languages; parallel systems; distributed systems; the World-Wide Web; social media; ontologies; and software engineering. Geoscientific topics of interest include: mineralogy; petrology; geochemistry; geomorphology; paleontology; stratigraphy; structural geology; sedimentology; hydrology; hydrogeology; oceanography; atmospheric sciences; climatology; meteorology; geophysics; geomatics; seismology; geodesy; paleogeography; environmental science; soil science; glaciology.

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Natural Resources Research publishes quantitative studies of natural (mainly but not limited to mineral) resources exploration, evaluation and exploitation, including environmental and risk-related aspects. Typical articles use geoscientific data or analyses to assess, test, or compare resource-related aspects. NRR covers a wide variety of resources including minerals, coal, hydrocarbon, geothermal, water, and vegetation. It covers a wide span of topics related to natural resources as well as assessment strategies for exploration, evaluation, and risk.

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Applied Computing & Geosciences is an online-only, open access journal focused on all aspects of applied computing in the geosciences. Its mission is to advance and disseminate knowledge in all the related areas of at the interface between applied computer sciences and geosciences. Applied Computing & Geosciences publishes original articles, review articles and case-studies. Alongside welcoming direct submissions, the journal will benefit from an Article Transfer Service which will allow the author(s) to transfer their manuscript online from Computers & Geosciences thus saving authors time and effort spent on formatting and resubmitting.

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