Editors: B. S. Daya Sagar, Qiuming Cheng, Jennifer McKinley, Frits Agterberg

The Encyclopedia of Mathematical Geosciences is a complete and authoritative reference work. It provides concise explanation on each term that is related to Mathematical Geosciences. Over 300 international scientists, each expert in their specialties, have written over 300 separate articles on different topics of mathematical geosciences including contributions on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Compositional Data Analysis, Geomathematics, Geostatistics, Mathematical Morphology, Mathematical Petrology, Multifractals, Multiple Point Statistics and Stochastic Process Modeling. Each topic incorporates cross-referencing to related articles, and also has its own reference list to lead the reader to essential articles within the published literature. The entries are arranged alphabetically, for easy access, and the subject and author indices are comprehensive and extensive.