IAMG Student Awards

In 2013 IAMG launched a system of awards, linked to the three IAMG journals, greatly increasing the investment in students starting their careers in geomathematics, geocomputation and geoinformatics.

This awards program was initiated by Elsevier as part of the latest publishing sponsorship agreement for the journal Computers & Geosciences. Under the agreement, US$10,000 will be allocated for up to four new annual awards, the  Computers & Geosciences Research Scholarships. They are thus co-sponsored by Elsevier and IAMG.

IAMG Executive and Council have supported this development, and have decided to sponsor similar awards linked to the other two IAMG journals: namely, the  Mathematical Geosciences Student Awards and the  Natural Resources Research Student Awards. There will be up to three annual MG awards totalling $7,500 per year, and up to two annual NRR awards totalling $5,000 per year.

Applications for these awards will be online through the IAMG website using a single application form by the deadline of May 31st each year. Applicants must select one of the three award types (C&G, MG or NRR) based on the best subject alignment of their research to the journal Aims and Scope.

Completed applications will be directed by the IAMG office to the Selection Committee which will comprise the Chair, appointed jointly by the IAMG Student Affairs Committee and the IAMG Publications Committee (who will administer the competition, coordinate with IAMG office, inform applicants of success/failure, etc), and three technical reviewers, two appointed by the Editors-in-Chief of Computers and Geosciences, Mathematical Geosciences and Natural Resources Research, and one appointed by the President of IAMG. Membership of the committee may change at any time, at the discretion of IAMG.

The winners will be notified before the IAMG annual conference (or IGC every fourth year).  Award payments (minus a holdback of $500) will be made to the selected candidates by the IAMG Treasurer by September 30thof the award year. A report and abstract based on the results must be submitted to the IAMG office by September 30thof the year following, whereupon the final holdback amount will be paid. The reports and abstracts will be uploaded to the IAMG members’ website, so that all IAMG members can see how the award funds have been used.

The online application form at http://www.iamgmembers.org/studentforms/use/research/form1.html must be completed each year by 31st May. Please read the guidelines below before submitting an application.