IAMG Publications

Mathematical Geosciences (formerly Mathematical Geology) publishes original, high-quality, interdisciplinary papers focusing on quantitative methods and studies of the Earth, its natural resources and the environment.  This international publication is the official journal of the IAMG, published semi-quarterly by Springer.

Computers & Geosciences is a journal devoted to all aspects of computing in the geosciences. It brings to its readers research on novel computer methods in the geosciences, such as spatial analysis, geomathematics, modelling, simulation, statistical and artificial intelligence methods, e-geoscience, geoinformatics, geomatics, geocomputation, image analysis, remote sensing, and geographical information science.

Natural Resources Research (formerly Nonrenewable Resources) publishes quantitative geoscientific studies reporting on the search for and development of natural resources, including their associated environmental, economic, and risk-related aspects. Reports regarding petroleum or energy-mineral resources are of interest, as are investigations on the exploitation of any metallic or non-metallic resource.

Applied Computing and Geosciences Applied Computing & Geosciences is an online-only Open Access journal focused on all aspects of computing in the geosciences, and like its sister journal Computers & Geosciences, Applied Computing & Geosciences’ mission is to advance and disseminate knowledge in all the related areas of at the interface between computer sciences and geosciences.

Monograph Series: Studies in Mathematical Geosciences (formerly “Studies in Mathematical Geology”)  is published by Oxford University Press.  This series of studies in mathematical geology provides contributions from the geomathematical community on topics of special interest in the Earth sciences. An important part of these studies is the evaluation of the adequacy and the appropriateness of present geomathematical and geostatistical applications.

Permission to use copyrighted material from papers in IAMG journals and monographs, such as figures and tables, is normally granted, but requires approval from the appropriate authority.

The copyright for papers in Mathematical Geosciences and Natural Resources Research (published by Springer) is owned by IAMG.  Accordingly, written permission must be obtained from the appropriate Editor-in-Chief (currently Roussos Dimitrakopoulos for MG, or John Carranza for NRR). The recommended procedure is to write a letter to the Editor-in-Chief with details of what is to be reproduced, and where it will be published or used. Alternatively, Springer (as protectors of IAMG’s copyright) provide an automated system online accessible using the Permissions and Reprints button on the journal article page on Springerlink.com.

The copyright for papers in Computers & Geosciences is owned by Elsevier.  A self-explanatory permissions guide is available at http://www.elsevier.com/wps/find/authorsview.authors/permissionsguide .

The copyright for books appearing as IAMG Monographs is owned by Oxford University Press. A self-explanatory permissions guide is available at http://www.oup.co.uk/academic/rights/permissions/ .

For papers appearing in IAMG Proceedings, write a request letter to the IAMG President ( president@iamg.org ).