IAMG offers accreditation of courses in the broader sense of Mathematical Geosciences in general (e.g. Statistics for Geoscientists, Spatial/temporal modeling, Geostatistics, etc.). Universities or other educational institutions which provide such courses may apply for an IAMG accreditation. Having accredited the organizers of courses are allowed to state this fact in course flyers, prospectuses, web pages or other publicity material and to use the IAMG logo in this material.

For accreditation IAMG needs information about the course(s):

  1. Title of course
  2. Aims and objectives
  3. Staff curriculum vitae (not more than 2 pages listing qualifications, experience and recent publications)
  4. Summary of contents
  5. Course structure and teaching methods used (lectures, exercises, activities of students to achieve the objectives)
  6. Target group (admission requirements concerning the knowledge of students on entry)
  7. Duration and language
  8. Quality control (indicators to measure the progress and success of learning)

This information can be sent to IAMG informally. You may as well use the form, which can be downloaded from IAMG’s website together with an example.

Application Example

The IAMG Curriculum Quality Commission (CQC) will acknowledge all applications for accreditation and it will response as soon as possible. The CQC consists of the following members:

Heinz Burger (Germany)
Amilcar de Oliveira Soares (Portugal)
Michael Ed. Hohn (USA)
Ex officio – President’s Representative (non-voting): Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn

All correspondence should be addressed to

Dr. Julián Ortiz
Department of Mining
Queens University, Canada