IAMG Guidelines for Certificates of Appreciation (99/22)

approved by Council: April 8, 1999

1. The Certificate of Appreciation recognizes exceptional work on behalf of IAMG that is beyond normal expectations, or outstanding donation to the IAMG of time, skill, or financial resources.

2. The Certificate may recognize specific effort by individuals upon completion of major tasks. Examples: Editors, Chairs (and possibly members) of committees or commissions that require unusual amounts of time, organizers of annual IAMG conferences.

3. The Certificate may recognize a long-term series of contributions to the IAMG.

4. The Certificate of Appreciation may be awarded to IAMG members or non-members.

5. The recognition is in the form of a paper certificate signed by the President and Secretary General, with a citation specifying the reason the certificate is awarded.

6. The IAMG Council shall select the recipients, who may be nominated by any member of the Association.

7. Serving voting Council members shall not be eligible for the award.

8. There is no limit to the number of certificates awarded per year, however, to keep the Certificates of Appreciation special, it is expected that no more than three awards would be presented in a given year.

9. Presentation of the Certificates will be less formal than the four major IAMG awards. Similarly to the Best Paper Awards, recipients shall receive the award by mail with an official letter.

10. Recipients of the Certificates of Appreciation shall be announced in the Newsletter.

11. Amendment to these guidelines shall require simple majority at the Council.