IAMG Guidelines for the distribution of membership list (99/28)

Approved by Council July 24, 1998; reviewed and updated May 12, 1999

1. The complete, official membership list of the IAMG with postal addresses shall be provided to any of the following on request

    1. IAMG Council members
    2. Newsletter editor
    3. Chairs of IAMG Committees
    4. Publishers of IAMG journals and monographs
    5. Organizing committees of professional meetings sponsored or cosponsored by the IAMG

By joining IAMG, regular members accept to have their names on the official list.

The list can be provided in hardcopy or electronic format. Electronic release might require that the person receiving the list sign a disclaimer that he or she is not contravening any legal provision in his or her country of residence by holding such a list. Recipients must agree not to distribute the complete list to any other individual or organization.

2. The complete, official membership list of the IAMG with postal addresses shall also be provided to the following on request

    1. Organizers of meetings of potential interest to IAMG members (for example, SIAM or ISI)
    2. Publishers of books and journals of potential interest to IAMG members.

The IAMG Executive Committee shall determine whether a request fits under these two categories before the Treasurer can release the list.

3. With approval of the IAMG Executive Committee, the official membership list may be provided to additional organizations or individuals if the information (including advertising) would appear to benefit members of the IAMG.

The Executive Committee may elect to pass the final decision to Council in case of a tie in the vote or receipt of highly controversial request.

4. The President and Treasurer may elect to charge a nominal fee for providing a mailing list under 2 and 3 above.

5. To facilitate professional contacts among members, the Association shall maintain a membership directory in the World Wide Web. Participation in this directory shall be voluntary. Members can elect to stay out of the directory, to provide some or all of the standardized requested information. The IAMG is not liable for improper use that may result from the access to this directory intended for downloading in printed form only.