Natural Resources Research Student Awards

(sponsored by IAMG)


At most two Natural Resources Research (NRR) Student Awards will be awarded every year, to early career scientists (postgraduate students, i.e. Masters or Doctoral candidates, or Post-Doctoral researchers) working in the field of natural resources exploration and management. The total annual budget for these awards is US$5,000.

Research projects should lie within the Aims & Scope of the IAMG-sponsored journal NRR, as outlined on the journal’s webpage The NRR Student Awards are intended to encourage graduate students and post-docs working on quantitative approaches in the fields of exploration, assessment, extraction and utilization of a wide variety of natural resources.

The online application form at must be completed each year by 31st May. Besides routine identifying information, applicants are asked to

1.    Describe their research project, in particular: a) the scientific motivation for the proposed study, b) the relationship of the proposed work to the state of the art, and c) the main objectives.

2.    Provide the name and contact e-mail address of the research supervisor and the name of the institution where the work will be undertaken.

3.    Outline a budget showing how the funds will be spent.

4.    And (optionally) a description of any special needs (e.g. equipment, field travel) required by the applicant.

Each project shall normally only be sponsored in one year; applications for sponsorship for a second or multiple year should be clearly marked as such.

Successful applicants for the NRR Student Awards will usually be notified by 30th August, or before the IAMG annual conference (IGC every 4thyear), whichever is earlier. Payment of each award (minus a holdback payment of $500) will be made by the IAMG Treasurer, direct to each candidate, before the end of September of the award year. If the winners are in attendance at the IAMG annual conference (or IGC every fourth year), the prizes may be awarded at the meeting in an awards session, though attendance at such meetings shall have no bearing on the selection process. The holdback payment will be sent to the awardee upon receipt of a short final report and abstract, to be sent by e-mail to the IAMG office and due by 30th September of the year following. Abstracts will normally be published in the IAMG Newsletter and posted on the IAMG members website. Such report is not intended to replace a full-length research article which is encouraged for submission to Natural Resources Research, where it would be subject to the normal rigorous peer-review process employed by the journal.

Terms & Conditions

The applicants and their responsibilities:

  1. Eligible candidates are those currently undertaking Masters or Ph. D. studies who wish to use the award to conduct a period of research related to their thesis, or newly qualified Post Doctoral scientists who are within three years following the completion of their Ph. D. studies at the deadline for application.
  2. The candidate must declare on the application form any other awards or grants applied for or received.
  3. Applications must be in English.
  4. Candidates should be undertaking research in the fields of exploration, assessment, extraction and utilization of a wide variety of natural resources as outlined in the Aims & Scope of the journal Natural Resources Research.
  5. The deadline for applications will be 31st May each year.
  6. Any academic research paper arising from the research conducted using the NRR Student Award should be submitted to Natural Resources Research for first refusal. Awardees should also submit to the IAMG Office a short summary report that will be placed on the IAMG webpage and a short abstract, suitable for publication in the IAMG Newsletter. These shall be due by the end of September of the year following the award.