Student Travel Grant Recipients

The purpose of the IAMG Student Travel Grant Program is to provide assistance for IAMG student members to attend and give presentations at the IAMG Annual Conference and other conferences sponsored by the IAMG. Individual Travel Grant amounts may vary and shall be set by the Student Affairs Committee for each individual case, considering merit of the applicant’s presentation, and estimated cost from his/her normal location. The total amount for all Travel Grants for each year depends on the availability of funds.


2022 Student Travel Awards

Abulkhair Sultan (Australia): Comparison of factorization methods in multivariate geostatistical simulation
Mokdad Abdelkerim (Canada): Automatic Variogram Inference Using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
Aranha Malcolm (India): Automated regional-scale exploration targeting of REEs in western Rajasthan, northwest India
Ahmed Nisar (Norway): 4D seismic frequency dependent AVO inversion to predict saturation-pressure changes
D’Agostino Alberto: Supported development and application of machine-learning models on mineral X-ray maps: the software X-Min Learn
Ji Minsoo (Korea): Generation of Synthetic Compressional Travel Time using Well-Logging-Learning Model and Its Application to the Ulleung Basin Gas Hydrate Field, Republic of Korea
Velasquez Harold (Canada): Graph Theory tools for Hierarchical analysis of Rock Types in Truncated Gaussian Simulation
Clarotto Lucia (France): Spatio-temporal modeling with stochastic partial differential equations: simulation and inference
Latifi Amir Mahdi (Canada): Comparing Uncertainty Quantification Between 2D and 3D Geostatistical Modeling Workflows
Fagandini Camilla (Italy): A comparison of gap-filling methods: a study case in Northern Italy


2021 Student Travel Awards

No call due to Covid


2020 Student Travel Awards

Shahdad Ghassemzadeh (Australia): “Application of Deep Learning in Reservoir Simulation”


2019 Student Travel Awards

Yihui Xiong (China): “Modelling the singular mineralization process due to fluid pressure fluctuations”
Jacob Miluch (Poland): “Sedimentary depositional patters in the Baibu Gulf SW of Hainan Island resolved by seismic stratigraphy”
Ziye Wang (China): “Identification of geochemical anomalies by metric learning method”
Asif Mohammad (India): “Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery from Coal Seams of Some Indian Coalfields”
Mathieu Gravey (Switzerland): “Extracting new information from old satellite imagery by using n->m colorization”
Jayaswal Vaibhav (India): “Inversion of surface wave dispersion curves for Shear-wave velocity using Markov chain Monte Carlo and allied methods”
Suihong Song (China): “Geologist-Level Wireline Log Shape Identification with Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)”
Gayani Karunarathna Mudiyanselage (US): “Effect of the state of stress in the connectivity of hydraulically-created fractures in crystalline rocks”


2018 Student Travel Awards

Ashok Gupta (India): “Localization of Sulfide Mineralization using 2D Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Enhanced Local Wave number techniques over Bouguer Gravity anomaly”
Mubasher Ahmad (Pakistan): “Reservoir Characterization of Cretaceous Sand to Predict the Pore Fluid heterogeneities by Applying AVO Attributes: A Case Study from Indus Basin, Pakistan”
Qiyu Chen (China): “Three-Dimensional Stochastic Modeling Method of Geological Structures for the Quaternary Sedimentary System”
Seema Kumari (India): “Origin of chemical heterogeneity within the mantle as a result of crust-mantle differentiation processes”
Hossein Molayemat (Iran): “Impact of the compositional nature of data on reserve evaluation in a coal deposit, Iran”
Mario Hopfner (Germany): “Design of a web-based GIS application for orientation maps”
Fabrizzio Sanchez (Peru): “Multi-fractal modeling: a significantly useful method to recognize geochemical anomalies in large-scale sampling networks”
Justin Montgomery (USA): “A Mechanistic-Statistical Model for shale gas and tight oil well production forecasting”
Shivam Bhardwaj (India): “Multifractal Studies Using Magnitude Cumulant Analysis of Wavelet Transform: Application to Ionospheric Total Electron Content Data”


2017 Student Travel Awards

Kost, Samuel (Germany): “Logistic Regression Model Selection Strategy For Prospectivity Modelling With Large Datasets”
Wieczoreck, Björn (Germany): “Comprehensive documentation of a typical EBSD experiment: A database scheme for multiple spatially referenced EBSD data”
Xiong, Yihui (China): “Extraction Of Multivariate Geochemical Anomalies Based On Local Rx Anomaly”
Gunn, Andrew (USA): “The Role Of Diurnal Surface Heating For Dune Migration In White Sands, New Mexico”
Juliani, Cyril (Norway): “Probabilistic Methodologies For Ocean Floor Characterization And Mineral Ressource Estimates”
Agarwal, Aayush (India): “Grey Wolf Optimizer – For Travel Time And Constrained Avo Inversion”
Sajith Vezhapparambu, Veena (Norway): “Change point Analysis of MWD data to detect the broken ground thickness in open pit mining”
Johnson, Brian (United Kingdom): “Masonry block to building scale: Investigating the effectiveness of upscaling spatial characteristics of moisture movement in masonry structures”
Wang, Jian (China): “Exploring Characteristics of geochemical elements and their relationships : a multifractal perspective”
Maturana, Francisco (Australia): “Uncertainty and Geometric Parameters of an Underground  Target: Implications for Mineral Exploration”
Bandyopadhyay, Sujay (India): “Using High-resolution Dem And Swat Model For Surface Water Resource Management In Ajay River Basin, India”


2013 Student Travel Grants ($1,000)

Fabio Orioni – Switzerland
Daojun Zhang – China
Maryam Moghadasi – Canada
Vipin Joseph Markose – India
Julia Ivanova – Russia


2012 Student Travel Grants

The following students were each awarded a travel grant of US$1000 to attend the 2013 IAMG Annual Meeting in Madrid:

Vipin Joseph Markose (TU Freiberg)
Daojun Zhang (CUG)
Maryam Moghadasi (Univ. of Calgary)
Fabio Oriani (Université de Neuchâtel)


2011 Student Travel Grants

Sanaz Salati (ITC) $1,000 USD
Selin Erzaybek-Balan (UT Austin) $1,000 USD,


2009 Student Travel Grants

Grants to attend the MatGEO09 Workshop in Freiburg, Germany, were given to:
Güne Ertunc, Turkey
Mohamed Kort USD, France
Mauricio Bermudez, Germany
Muhammad Awais Yahya, Germany
Khalid Amin Khan, Pakistan


2007 Student Travel Grants Awards

The students presented a paper or poster at IAMG2007 and received an IAMG travel grant of
US $400 each:
Yosoon Choi (Korea), Department of Energy Systems Engineering, Seoul National University
Xinchuan Li (China), Institute of Land and Resources Information Systems, China University
of Geosciences, Wuhan
Jonathan Remo (USA), Department of Geology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Ka Sun (China), Institute of Land and Resources Information Systems, China University of
Geosciences, Wuhan.