(formerly Mathematical Geology)

Each year, the editorial board of Mathematical Geosciences selects an
outstanding paper published in that journal to receive the Best Paper

In selecting a best paper, the editorial board uses the
following criteria: a best paper represents a significant advance by
presenting a new concept or method with important applications, or a
breakthrough on a long-standing problem; is well-written,
clearly-illustrated, and referenced comprehensively; and is likely to be
cited often in the literature for many years.

To recognize their achievement, authors will each receive a year’s
membership in the IAMG with a subscription to Mathematical Geosciences.


Recipients of the award

2021: Michael Hillier, Florian Wellmann, Boyan Brodaric, Eric de Kemp & Ernst Schetselaar
Three-Dimensional Structural Geological Modeling Using Graph Neural Networks
53: 1725–1749
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2020: Lukas Mosser, Olivier Dubrule, and Martin J. Blunt
Stochastic Seismic Waveform Inversion Using Generative Adversarial Networks as a Geological Prior
52: 53–79
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2019: Carl Jacquemyn, Matthew D. Jackson and Gary J. Hampson
Surface-Based Geological Reservoir Modelling Using Grid-Free NURBS Curves and Surfaces
51(1): 1–28
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2018: Yuzhu Wang, Christoph H. Arns, Sheik S. Rahman, Ji-Youn Arns
Porous Structure Reconstruction Using Convolutional Neural Networks
50(7): 781–799
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2016: Denis Allard, Rachid Senoussi, and Emilio Porcu
Anisotropy Models for Spatial Data
48(3): 305–328
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2015: David Volent Lindberg and Dario Grana
Petro-Elastic Log-Facies Classification Using the Expectation–Maximization Algorithm and Hidden Markov Models
47(6): 719–752
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2014: Hai Vo and Louis J. Durlofsky
A New Differentiable Parameterization Based on Principal Component Analysis for the Low-Dimensional Representation of Complex Geological Models
46(7): 775–813
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2013: Phaedon Kyriakidis and Petros Gaganis
Efficient Simulation of (Log)Normal Random Fields for Hydrogeological Applications
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2012: Chunsheng Ma
Stationary and Isotropic Vector Random Fields on Sphere
44 (6): 765-778

2010: Debarun Bhattacharjya, Jo Eidsvik, and Tapan Mukerji
The value of information in spatial decision making
42 (2):141-163
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2009: Yuan Zee Ma
Simpson’s Paradox in Natural Resource Evaluation

41(2): 193–213
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2008:  Pallaz Sarma, Louis F. Durlofksy and Khlaid Aziz
Kernel Principal Component Analysis for Efficient, Differentiable Parameterization of Multipoint Geostatistics
40(1): 3-32
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2007:  G. Burc Arpat and Jef Caers
Conditional Simulation with Patterns
Ben P. Marchant and Richard Murray Lark
Optimized Sample Schemes for Geostatistical Surveys
39(1): 113-134

2006:  Jean-Stéphane Bailly, Pascal Monestiez and Philippe Lagacherie
Modeling Spatial Variability along Drainage Networks with Geostatistics
Frank C. Curriero
On the Use of Non-Euclidean Distance Measures in Geostatistics

2005:  Georges Verly
Grade control classification of ore and waste: A critical review of estimation and simulation based procedures

2004:  Jean-Laurent Mallet
Space-time mathematical framework for sedimentary geology

2003:  J. Antonio Vargas-Guzman and Roussos Dimitrakopoulos
Successive nonparametric estimation of conditional distributions

2002:  André Haas and Philippe Formery
Uncertainties in facies proportion estimation I. Theoretical framework: The Dirichlet distribution

2001:  Lin Y. Hu, Georges Blanc and Benoit Noetinger
Gradual deformation and iterative calibration of sequential stochastic simulations

2000:  Christopher D. White and Brian J. Willis
A method to estimate length distributions from outcrop data

1999:  Patrick Bogaert
On the optimal estimation of the cumulative distribution function in presence of spatial dependence
31(2) 213-239

1998:  Tingting Yao and Andre G. Journel
Automatic modeling of (cross) covariance tables using fast Fourier transform
30(6) 589-615

1997:  Jean-Laurent Mallet
Discrete modeling for natural objects
29(2) 199-219

1996:  Yvon Halbwachs, Gabriel Courriouz, Xavier Renaud and Philippe Repusseau
Topological and geometric characterization of fault networks using 3-dimensional generalized maps
28(5) 625-656

1995:  Dean S. Oliver
Moving averages for Gaussian simulation in two and three dimensions
27(8) 939-960

1994:  Alberto S. Almeida and André G. Journel
Joint simulation of multiple variables with a Markov-type coregionalization model
26(5) 565-588

1993:  Vera Pawlowsky, Ricard A. Olea and John C. Davis
Boundary assessment under uncertainty: a case study
25(2) 125-144
Pierre Goovaerts
Spatial orthogonality of the principal components computed from coregionalized variables
25(3) 281-302

1986: I. Carina Lemmer
Mononodal indicator variography-Part I: theory
18(7) 589-604

1985:  N.I. Fisher, J.F. Huntington, D.R. Jackett, M.E. Willcox & J.W. Creasey
Spatial analysis of two-dimensional orientation data
17(2) 177-194

1984:  Göran Granath
Application of fuzzy clustering and fuzzy classification to evaluate the provenance of glacial till
16(3) 283-301

1983:  Di Zhou, Theodore Chang and John C. Davis
Dual extraction of R-mode and Q-mode factor solutions
15(5) 581-606

1982:  George A. Griffiths
Stochastic prediction in geomorphology using Bayesian inference models
14(1) 65-75

1981:  John Aitchison
A new approach to nul correlations of proportions

1980:  Paul Switzer
Extension of linear discriminant analysis for statistical classification of remotely sensed satellite imagery
12(4) 367-376

1979:  Michael F. Dacey and William C. Krumbein
Models of breakage and selection for particle size distributions
11(2) 193-222

1978:  John C. Griffiths
Mineral resource assessment using the unit regional value concept
10(5) 441-472

1977:  Istvan Dienes and C. John Mann
Mathematical formalization of stratigraphic terminology
9(6) 587-603

1976:  Martha W. Gilliland
A geochemical model for evaluation theories on the genesis of Florida’s sedimentary phosphate deposits
8(3) 219-242